Bringing unity into the community.

Nazareth is a community where today’s seniors can get the assistance and care they need to continue finding meaningful purpose. In everything we do, we believe in enriching individuals’ lives with a real sense of community uniquely centered around a culture of relationships, giving and the commitment to holistic care – mind, body & soul.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3), we’re able to prioritize building relationships and enhancing the quality of life of all residents over the interests of shareholders. Our relationship-centered culture is highly collaborative by nature. Leveraging the strengths and uniqueness of each resident, we build personalized experiences that allow each individual to live their best life possible while being part of the greater community.

If you’d like to learn more about our culture, our community, or our mission, our doors are always open. Call us today at 269-682-6085 to schedule your personal appointment with us today.

Our Mission:

Nazareth reflects the Congregation of St. Joseph’s commitment to respond to the emerging needs of religious congregations, our neighbors and the world by providing vibrant senior care and living services.

Our History:

In 1889, the first Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in Kalamazoo, Michigan and established the congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth. The founding sisters came to Kalamazoo at the request of the Diocese of Detroit and Msgr. Francis O’Brien for the purpose of establishing a hospital, later named Borgess Hospital. At about the same time these first sisters, under the leadership of Mother Margaret Mary Lacy, began an orphanage and a school in addition to establishing their motherhouse at Nazareth on the outskirts of the city of Kalamazoo.

In 2007, the Nazareth founding community joined with our other 6 communities to form the Congregation of St. Joseph. In 2015, CSJ Initiatives began managing the Nazareth community.

Over the years, the congregation expanded throughout Michigan and our ministries grew to include health care, social work, education, parish ministry, spiritual development, pastoral ministry, and ministry with those who are elderly, homeless, or dying.

Our Team

Jenni Gault

Director of Nursing

Johnathan Morgan

Food Service

Sr. Pam Owens

Coordinator of Community Life

Stella Lopez

Business Office Manager

Steve Niedzielski

Environmental Services

Barb Gourley

Human Resources

Tammy Nelson

Marketing Director

Catherine McClure


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