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St. Francis Senior Ministries Important Announcement

August 22, 2023

During our more than 150-year history we have, from time to time, adjusted the size and scope of our community. During the coming months we will be restructuring our long-term care program and reducing our current residency by 20 percent.

Earlier this summer, the Ohio Legislature modestly increased Medicaid funding levels which limited our options to address an ongoing revenue shortfall. Additionally, because of recent staff shortages, we have become much more reliant on agency services to ensure we maintain a quality of care that meets the standard of our mission to ‘create a community where each individual can live life fully.’

We are confident this restructuring will provide our residents with enhanced continuity of care and outcomes. Additionally, with this change, we will be able to reinvest in our staff and campus and seek out opportunities to further serve the older adults in the community.

Fortunately, we are finding we can reassign some residents within the long-term facility and relocate others who are eligible for assisted living. We also will be working with some residents and their families to identify and transition to another facility.

While this adjustment will primarily reduce our dependency on agency staff, there will be some reductions in staff. We will be providing affected staff with severance packages. Recently there have been a number of long-term care facilities in the news. Our goal is to be fully transparent regarding this change and assure everyone in our community that we are adjusting for the future.

We sincerely appreciate the on-going support of St. Francis by the entire community and look forward to continuing to serve older adults for years to come.